What To Do When You’ve Experienced Water Damage In Your Home

So, the inevitable has occurred; a flood has severely damaged your basement, a pipe burst under your kitchen sink, or a natural disaster has struck, and you’ve been left to pick up the pieces and deal with the aftermath. Water damage is never a good thing, and oftentimes, it comes along with other supplementary issues and concerns, like structural damage and mold growth. Here in Houston, you’re fortunate to have the very best water damage restoration company at your disposal, Tip Top Duct!

What To Do When Water Strikes!

When water strikes, there are a few steps that you can take to make the process a bit easier, faster, and most importantly, effective and efficient. Most importantly, the first thing you want to do is ensure that you and your family are safe from the hazards. Second, you want to try your best to assess all possible damage. Next, you’ll want to give Tip Top Duct a call, as your premiere service provider of water damage home restoration in Houston, Texas, they’ll be standing at the ready to make an on-site consultation with you, so that they can professional assess all damage and advocate for you as you begin to contact your insurance company.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to secure as much of a payout as possible from your insurance provider, so that Tip Top Duct can repair and restore your home from the traumatizing effects of water damage.

What Tip Top Duct Can Offer

After you’ve chosen Tip Top Duct to completely restore your home after experiencing water damage, they’ll be sure to work with you to determine your unique needs. All throughout Houston, Tip Top Duct offers the most extensive water extraction services. They can remove and replace wet carpet, dry your wood floors, and complete all water damage repair to any materials within your home, in addition to structural elements.

So, whether the cause lie in a leaky or broken pipe, a leaking refrigerator, a broken washing machine, faulty dishwasher, or a natural disaster, Tip Top Duct stands at the ready to provide expert water extraction and home restoration services specifically designed to combat the effects of heavy water damage. In addition, out of all of Houston’s restoration companies, Tip Top Duct is always among the fastest to perform their services, getting you and your family, your home, or your business up and running as quickly as possible!

The Home Restoration Company In Houston, Texas!

If you’re in need of a top-notch home restoration company after experiencing a flood in your home or business, you can rest assured knowing that you haven the very best home restoration company in Houston by your side throughout the entire ordeal.

When disaster strikes, Tip Top Duct is always there to answer the call. Keep their number on speed dial, so that you always have their contact information handy in the event that disaster strikes, as it often does, with only a moment’s notice!


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