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Air Duct Cleaning | San Antonio, TX

Imagine breathing in dust, mold, bacteria, and the disgusting remnants of rodent waste for over 7 hours a day? Now that is a reason good enough to turn your attention to the air duct cleaning in San Antonio.

We strongly suggest that you consider a regular air duct cleaning, however, if you aren’t sure whether it’s time for one, you can call us for a round of inspection. Tip Top Air Duct Cleaning in San Antonio offers an assortment of repair and maintenance services to residential and commercial property owners. We have been around in Texas, doing what we do the best for over a decade, therefore you can be sure that you aren’t dealing with scammers.

During this inspection, if we come across mold, dust or debris, we tell you so. Else, we are happy to leave your premises after delivering the good news to you. All we want is the safety of our customers and their families. To talk to one of our representatives, Call Us on (832) 374-8125.

Why should you pay attention to your air duct cleaning in San Antonio

If it’s your residential air duct that’s left dirty, you’d breathe in the dust, debris, mold and other pathogens for at least 7 hours, while you remain asleep. Over a period of time, there is every possibility that you may develop Asthma and Allergies. This gets worse in case you or your family members smoke cigarettes or cigars indoor.

Besides enhanced indoor air quality, you can also enjoy lower energy costs and contribute towards the eco-system. As a matter of fact, our air cleaning in San Antonio also makes your HVAC System much more durable.

Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

Health Concerns caused due to unclean Indoor Air

Your home is your very own retreat, away from the rest of the world, and therefore must be much safer for you and your family. As a matter of fact, 1 out of 5 homeowners in the US is a victim of highly polluted indoor air. At times, this indoor air is 70 percent more polluted than the outdoor air.

Your HVAC and air duct system affects your indoor air quality to a large extent and therefore, you must have it inspected from time to time. Unless you are getting fresh indoor air, you could become a victim of long-term health issues such as allergies and asthma. The frequency of your air duct cleaning in San Antonio depends on several factors, such as the lifestyle and level of hygiene of all those who live in a house. Also, your furnace plays a significant role when it comes to planning the periodicity of your air cleaning in San Antonio.

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Tip Top Air Duct Cleaning brings you the best professionals, who are certified, well-trained and experienced to do your air duct cleaning in San Antonio, Texas. We make use of advanced equipment such as the Roto Brush to loosen up the debris and then trap it inside a powerful HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Our air duct cleaning in San Antonio includes a detailed HVAC cleaning, which clears up the dust and debris from the return ducts, supply ducts, cooling coil, heat exchange, and the filter. Also, we make it a point to leave no mess behind us, making things easier for you to manage. To know more about our air duct cleaning in San Antonio, Call Us on (832) 374-8125.

For commercial purposes, check out or air duct cleaning services for commercial buildings.