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Tip Top Air duct cleaning is a pioneer in the field of residential and commercial repair and maintenance industry. With persistent efforts directed towards providing you with reliable and strategic air duct cleaning in Houston, Tip Top follows a bunch of well-planned in-house practices. Our A/C duct cleaning in Houston, offers you a wide range of services, each with its unique set of benefits.As a premier HVAC cleaning company in Houston, we focus on providing impeccable solutions to our customers. Delivering vent cleaning services of the highest standards. Our sole aim is to protect you and the ones that you care about, by eliminating all the harmful elements from your duct work.
With this, Tip Top provides you all the residential and commercial repair and maintenance solutions that you need. All our services are designed to buffer your residential and commercial properties against dust, harmful pathogens and other elements that cause bad indoor atmosphere. We understand the region-specific needs of our customers, and make it a point to address them.Serving in the following cities:  Austin, Tx, Dallas, Tx & San Antonio, Tx.In Houston:

Katy, Tx, Pearland, Tx & Spring, Tx


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Keep your property safe and organized

Your ducts run through concealed places, so you barely know what’s inside it. It is crucial that the inside of an air duct is clean and clear. After all, you never know what gets into it, not until we pull it out with our extremely powerful reverse air pressure machine. There are a zillion things that can get into your duct, such as rodents, rodent waste, dust, bacteria, fungus and mold spores, to mention a few. Tip Top’s HVAC cleaning helps you clear it all up and ensures better indoor atmosphere.  With Tip Top’s specialized A/C Duct cleaning, you are assured of better hygiene, which keeps your indoor air clean. We also provide other services such as duct replacement, tile and grout cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney cleaning, mold removal and carpet cleaning. All our services aim at making your residential or commercial property safer, cleaner and more hygienic.

Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance

We bring you an assortment of comprehensive and reliable residential and commercial repair and maintenance solutions. Our services are designed to make your property cleaner and safer, with just a phone call.

Residential Repair and Maintenance

Tip Top provides home repair and maintenance solutions that enhance the beauty of your home and also makes it a safe place for you and your loved ones. Some of our most sought-after services include air duct cleaning, duct replacement, dryer vent cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, 24/7 water damage clean up.

Commercial Repair and Maintenance

Tip Top specializes in cleaning up large, medium and small commercial properties. With a well-planned strategy and a distinct set of equipment to clean up commercial properties, we do a faster and efficient job.

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Our team comprises of some of the best vent cleaning professionals in the industry. We provide you with strategically well planned residential and commercial A/C duct cleaning and other services without interrupting your schedule. As this requires us to be readily available during your spare time, we work round the clock. We also offer free in-person inspection services before handing out an estimate for larger residential and commercial properties. With firm determination and powerful equipment, we can finish any vent cleaning job within a pre-determined time frame, which we understand is crucial for those seeking commercial air duct cleaning. To schedule one of our services in Houston, Tx, Call Us today on (832) 374-8125.

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