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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Texas

For Leading Experts In Air Duct Cleaning Services, Texas. Go With Tip Top . A Reliable And Experienced Team That Knows Effective, Affordable And Eco-Friendly Ways Related To The Deep air duct Cleaning Process.

Odor Removal And Keeping Your Air Clean. With A Flexible Schedule And Pricing Tailored For Every Budget, We Keep Certified & Highly Trained Technicians On Staff. We Offer Same Day Service. Tip Top Is Also About Providing Outstanding Green Cleaning Solutions That Protect Occupants, Pets And Plants.

Give Us A Call Now For A Free Estimate (832) 374-8125. Take Advantage Of The Fact We Have Same Day Service & are an air duct cleaning company near you!

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Texas before & after

The Cleaning Process

Dirty Or Damaged Ducts Detract From Indoor Air Quality. This Means, Any Particles Trapped Inside Your Ducts Can Potentially Circulate Through Your Home Or Business. Every Time You’re Heater Or Air Conditioner Activates Dirt, Dust, Animal Dander, Pollen, Mold Spores, And More Could Be Blown In From Your Vents. Cleaning You’re Duct’s And Vent’s Ensures That Nothing But Air Will Be Circulated Through Your Duct Work, Improving Comfort, Health, And Safety.

Is Cleaning Air Ducts Worth It?

Clogged Ducts With Contaminates Limit Space Inside. This Means Your Residential HVAC Units Must Work Harder To Push Heated Or Cooled Air To Your Vents. The Harder Your System Must Work, The Higher Your Utility Bills Will Be. Air Duct Cleaning Will Improve The Efficiency Of Your Furnace And Air Conditioner, As A Result In Lower Energy Bills. Improved Efficiency Also Means Improved Longevity, Reducing Wear And Tear Saving You Money On HVAC Repair And Maintenance As Well.

Importance of Duct Cleaning

Even With The Best Filters, Your Ducts Are Going To Collect Dust, Dirt And Debris. There Will Be Particles That Escape Through The Filter Or Enter The System Through Other Ways. Therefore Making The Mistake Of Thinking That Because There Is A Filter In Your System Your Ducts Do Not Need To Be Cleaned. Especially In Texas, That Has High Pollution, Surrounded By Construction, Or Particularly Windy Or Dusty. As A Result, Ducts Are Going To Collect Particles That Are Going To Clog Them Up Or, At The Very Least, Reduce The indoor Air Quality in your home. In Some Cases You Might Need Air Duct Replacement. Try Air Duct Cleaning On A Yearly Basis To Avoid So.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Texas
Duct Cleaning Services in Texas before and after

The Inspection

Prior To Cleaning Your Air Ducts, Our Professional Team Will First Conduct An Inspection Of All The Duct Work. From The Main Unit, All The Way To The Vent Grills. We Insert A Miniaturized Camera To Find Debris, Dust And Dirt Building Up.

We work with Roto – Brush

This Tool Works By Inserting The Roto – Brush, Which Rotates At 360*, Inside The Air Duct. When The Roto – Brush Spins It Loosen’s Any Debris Stuck Inside. As The Brush Is Scrubbing The Inside Walls, The Vacuum Is Sucking Up The Loosened Debris. Since The Rotating Cable Is Not Exposed, All Types Of Duct Applications Are Safe, Including Flex.

Indoor Coil

Handled Delicately And Properly Are What Coils Need To Preserve Their Cooling Power. With Regular Maintenance And Upkeep, Well-Preserved AC Coils Will Help Keep Indoor Air Quality High And Utility Bills Lower.

Coils Work To Draw The Warm Air Out Of Your Home, They Will Also Pull Other Things Along With It. As A Result In A Nasty Buildup. Dust, Dirt, Grease, And Bacteria That May Create A Barrier Of Grime That Will Force The Coils And Your Air Conditioning System To Work Harder.

Uv Light Air Purifier

With the type of weather in Houston, preventing microbial growth is almost impossible. Luckily, for your duct work there is one thing that can prevent about 90-95% of it. That thing is called a Uv Light air purifier. This product helps to kill any type of microbial growth and prevent it from spreading. We recommend installing a uv light for air conditioner, this will decrease the visits for professional air duct cleaning Texas.

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Take Comfort Knowing Tip Top Air Duct Cleaning Will Include Safe Chemicals Approved By The Environmental Protection Agency. Proven Solutions That Reliably Eliminate Unwanted Microorganisms. Using Scented Or Unscented Solutions, Expect Effective Odor Removal That Will Not Leave Toxic Residual. We Offer Same Day Service, Using 100% Green Cleaning Solutions, Utilize Reliable & Trusted Professionals That Are Consistently Retrained In The Latest Tech And Procedures. We Can Promise The Best Air Duct Cleaning Services In Texas.

Tip Top, Offers A Regular Maintenance And Inspection Service, Catching Small Issues Before They Become Expensive Problems. This Includes Regularly Changing Filters And Performing Air Duct cleaning Texas. Tip Top Can Come Out At You’re Convenience, Even In Case Of Emergency, And Get The Job Done!