About Us

The Best Full Service Cleaning & Restoration Company

Here you will learn about our company ,Tip Top Duct Cleaning. We offer the newest cleaning & restoration process for your ducting and carpentry. With qualified technicians and the best machinery, nothing can go wrong. We’ve gone on to position ourselves as experts in the field, and we’ve delivered years of dependable, high-quality and affordable cleaning & restoration services to our residential and commercial customers.


At Tip Top, our vision was, and still is to provide Houston homeowners and business owners with high-quality cleaning services based on our skills. We have the right expertise and advanced technical training to perform professional air duct and carpet cleaning services.

We don’t leave until fully Satisfied!
Vents & Ducts are still going to get dirty, even after professional services have been completed. Not to worry, Tip Top offers a three year warranty – terms and conditions apply.
The cleaning process we use, designed to create a healthier environment in a resident or commercial building.
Keeping air ducts and air vents free of pollution with our professional vent and duct cleaning services will help to keep family and employees in good health.


We treasure our employees as well as our esteemed customers. So, we adequately insure all our employees against any mishap.


Choose from a variety of scented or unscented deodorizers for multi purpose once cleaning is complete.


We Understand Your Home Is Important To You. That’s Why We Focus On The Quality Of The Clean.


The service we offer, allow you to keep your life running smoothly and to help save time and money.
Our deep cleaning services help appliances like dryers and air conditioners to carry on performing optimally and at peak efficiency. This saves on energy costs, minimizes wear and tear, and reduces the potential for inconvenient equipment breakdowns. This usually result’s in expensive repairs. Tip Top offer’s Air Duct Replacement when it is needed.

Our services also provide truck mount carpet cleaning and steam cleaning for carpet and upholstery.

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